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Crave signing martial arts superstar Wu Jing as brand spokesperson
Time:2012/3/23 19:07:00
         In order to promote the desire of brand awareness, more effective promotion for the brand, Shenzhen city for Communication Co. Ltd decided to invest heavily, eager to renew mobile phone voice: a film Kung Fu Star "Wu Jing". On March 23, 2012 at 15:30 in the afternoon, our general manager Mr. Fang Xilin, general manager of marketing, Mr. Pan Xianghui led the company departments in Shenzhen city of Baoan District 'elite Baolilai International Hotel' to meet Wu Jing and the team's arrival.

        Film and television Kung Fu superstar "Wu Jing" and its team, from time to time, our department general, Pan total, and other warm welcome, welcome to the hotel presidential suite for negotiation. The leaders of Wu Jing and our company are very satisfied with the past two years of cooperation, and expressed their hope for continued cooperation. In the details after the two sides signed a two-year contract, to renew again film Kung Fu Star "Wu Jing" lay the foundation for the development of communication, to enhance the visibility of the brand, effectively promote the solid foundation.