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Eager to lead the future of the new era
Time:2009/1/19 18:44:56
        Looking forward to the field of communication, we will usher in an era of innovative wireless connectivity. High speed wireless mobile network connects all of your life together. In the desire for the group, we see as "all kinds of communication networks", we are obsessed with mobile devices to bring the world's infinite enjoyment.

        In view of this, we invested huge funds to build a complete upstream and downstream industry chain, to create a wonderful desire, career planning blueprint.
        We strive to maximize the benefits to consumers and partners to create differentiation and competitiveness in product marketing. That's what we want the group to do.

        The desire for mobile phones has always convinced us that our success comes from the success of partners and consumers, from the vitality and development of the entire industry chain. Therefore, we have been committed to providing more and more partners with the best support, helping them seize the opportunity to achieve the rise. With our complete market 20 years of experience with our technical and industrial advantages, with a mobile phone for the unremitting efforts of all staff, the field of mobile communication equipment in the world will play an increasingly important role.

        Rooted in China, to give full feedback to the era of high-speed communications and Wireless Future - with the advent of the era of wonderful wireless communications, the desire for mobile phones will work together with the world to create a more integrated and open wireless new century.