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Telephone: +86-0755-29988999
Mobile phone: +86-0755-29988999
Mailbox: master@crave139.com
Company address: West Village Road...

Development history
1995 longed for the advent of telephones;
In 1996, the Orient Industrial Park was built;
In 1999, we longed for the phone brand to enter the top three in china;
In 2008, the mobile phone business department was founded;
In 2011, eager to brand in China CCTV broadcast advertising;
In 2011, the desire for brand Tablet PC business was established;
In 2012, he was eager to work with Kung Fu superstar Wu Jing to promote his desire for mobile phones;
In 2013, Shenzhen Gongming Industrial Park is expected to be built;
In 2014, Jiangxi science and Technology Industrial Park is expected to be built;
In 2016, he was eager to win the title of "Shenzhen famous brand".